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    User name X. Zheng

    Log entry time 10:13:05 on May28,2007

    Entry number 203429

    keyword=update on dipole, Q3, and warning about Q3 drift/fix

    So after about 10 minutes the dipole came back but the Left Q3 drifted away. Several days ago this happend quite often and what we did is to change the P0 setting by 0.00001 to bring it back. I did it again and it did bring Q3 back, but also kicked the dipole out of lock again.

    Now will wait for the dipole to come back, probablly will take another 10 mintues.

    This is actually what happened at 9:57. So from now on, one should NOT attempt to bring Q3 back by changing the P0 setting, unless if the reason for the dipole losing lock is found.

    FIGURE 1