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    User name A. Camsonne

    Log entry time 05:42:11 on June 23, 2007

    Entry number 206366

    This entry is a followup to: 206356

    keyword=Odd behavior of modules since reboot

    The problem did start after the IOC reboot, not sure if it is related to
    it maybe it was a power glitch which affected all the crates.

    Run 1463 0x03ff0ff8 good
    Run 1464 0x03ff0ff8 0xfb000bad
    Run 1469 0x03ff0ff8 0xfb000bad
    Power cycled crate
    Run 1470 to run 1472 0x03ff0fe8
    Run 1473 0x03be07f8
    Run 1474 0x03ff0ff8 fine

    so it looks like fastbus modules/controller got confused for a few runs,
    oddly it did not came back right right after power cycling.
    But now seems fine.
    The 0xfb000bad does not come from my crl file, it seems it indicates a
    fastbus error somewhere I guess it appears in the block readout routine
    of the fastbus library.

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