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    User name cusanno

    Log entry time 08:09:17 on June26,2007

    Entry number 206672

    keyword=Shift Summary

    00:00 Shift starts with Radiator in, 3He target

    01:00 we moved radiator out

    01:52 we moved radiator in

    03:05 beam trip for about 10 minutes

    04:10 Carbon target in

    06:00 Got alarm from Beamline HV on (e,p) ARC, HV looked frozen, resetted HV switch and it went good

    06:20 Radiator out

    07:25 Radiator in


    Run # Target Evts Radiator Comments
    1552 3He 1M IN
    1553 3He 1M OUT
    1554 3He 1M IN
    1555 3He 1M IN
    1556 3He 230k IN Ended to switch on Carbon, enough data
    1557 12C 1M IN
    1558 12C 1M IN
    1559 12C 1M OUT
    1560 12C running IN