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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 14:02:25 on August 6,2007

    Entry number 208731


    keyword=NaI gate for CSR

    Here is how I compute the gate timing for the fastest ADC gate
    we can make for the NaI detector of CSR.

    The total gate time is the sum of three components

    T_total = T_sd + T_ts + T_fg

    T_sd = time from scintillator to discriminator = 57 nsec

    T_ts = time from discrim. to Trigger Supervisor input = 117 nsec

    T_fg = time to go through Trig. Super. and arrive at ADC = 86 nsec

    Therefore T_total = 260 nsec.
    The uncertainty in this is +/- 15 nsec, which can be reduced
    with more measurements.

    Some details:

    T_sd is irreducible unless you replace cables.

    T_ts (117 nsec) involves:
    Time from discrim. to NIM/ECL that feeds TS = 97 nsec
    Propogation through NIM/ECL = 10 nsec
    Cable to TS = 10 nsec

    T_fg (86 nsec) involves:
    Time to propogate thru Trig. Super. = 40 nsec
    Time to get to NIM/ECL = 10 nsec
    Propogation through NIM/ECL = 10 nsec (this could be eliminated)
    Cable to Fastbus backplane = 16 nsec
    Time to propogate along backplane to ADC = 10 nsec