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    User name Jack

    Log entry time 20:59:04 on December 06, 2007

    Entry number 218659


    keyword=VDC gas mixing system purged

    This morning I noticed one of the ethane cyclinders connected to the manifold had "ethylene" written in black marker on the cylinder neck. It was not the cylinder that was online. Rather than risk using contaminated gas, I removed the cylinder and replaced it with a cylinder with the same lot number tag as the cylinder that was online. Since the suspect cylinder was not online I decided a purge of the system could be done later. I started to purge the gas system this evening at about 7:45PM. I shut off the flow to the VDCs while I was doing this. I restarted flow to the VDCs at about 8:45PM. I will test the suspect cylinder as soon as I can.