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    User name jpchen

    Log entry time 13:03:17 on December17,2007

    Entry number 221649

    keyword=Target: Cooled down loop 2 last night. Now reduced loop 2 coolant to allwo loop 1 back to normal

    This is to summarize target activities since yesterday evening (since
    Halog was unavailable until now).
    I cooled down loop 2 for loop 2 Pb target test, and reduced coolant flow to loop 1 yesterday evening (~around 11 pm)
    Loop 1 HP heater was at 50 watts. Loop 2 temperature at 7 K, pressure
    ~ 48 psi, HP heater was ~100 watts, fan at 48 Hz.
    Coolant flow was ~ 18 g/s.

    This morning, I did the reverse process: increased coolant flow to loop 1and reduced coolant flow to loop 2.
    Loop 1 is back to slightly aboive 200 Watts.
    Loop 2 HP heater is off. temeprature is ~ 7K. Fan speed at 24 Hz.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2