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    User name Makis P

    Log entry time 00:04:46 on December18,2007

    Entry number 30

    keyword=Shift Summary

    Started taking production data at ~7.20pm

    E'=2.0663 GeV LEFT and RIGHT

    Runs 22061/4174 HE(Lp1) 5uA 1.7/1.6M
    Runs 22062/4175 PB(Lp2) 5uA 1.2/1,2M
    Runs 22063/4176 HE(Lp2) 5uA 0.9/1.0M
    Runs 22064/4177 PB(Lp3) 5uA 1.1/1.0M
    Runs 22065/4178 H2(Lp3) 5uA 1.0/1.0M
    Runs 22066/4179 Dum10cm 5uA 1.0/1.0M
    Runs 22067/4180 C12 5uA 0.8/1.2M
    Runs 22068/4181 Fe 5uA 0.7/0.7M

    E' LEFT = 1.9964
    E' RIGHT settling to 1.9265
    Taking RIGHT data anyway

    Runs 22069/4182 HE(Lp1) 5uA 1.0/1.0M
    Runs 22070/4183 PB(Lp2) 5uA 1.0/1.0M
    Runs 22071/4184 HE(Lp2) 5uA 0.9/0.8M
    Runs 22072/4185 PB(Lp3) 5uA 0.9/1.0M
    Runs 22073/4186 H2(Lp3) 5uA 0.9/1.0M
    Runs 22074/4187 Dum10cm 5uA 1.1/1,0M
    Runs 22075/4188 C12 5uA 1.0/1,0M
    Runs 22076/4189 Fe 5uA 1.0/1.0M

    E' LEFT = 1.9265
    E' RIGHT= 1.9265
    (Note reverse order of tgts)

    Runs 22077/4190 Fe 5uA 1.0/1.0M
    Runs 22078/4191 C12 5uA 1.0/1.0M
    Runs 22079/4192 Dum10cm 5uA 1.0/1.0M
    Runs 22080/4193 H2(Lp3) 5uA 1.0/1.0M