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    User name Holmstrom

    Log entry time 04:01:07 on December20,2007

    Entry number 222344


    keyword=replay failing

    The replay on the left arm is failing with the following messages:

    Error in : Failed filling branch:T.L.CSR.a_p, nbytes=-1
    Error in : Failed filling branch:T.DL.bit5, nbytes=-1
    This error is symptomatic of a Tree created as a memory-resident Tree
    Instead of doing:
    TTree *T = new TTree(...)
    TFile *f = new TFile(...)
    you should do:
    TFile *f = new TFile(...)
    TTree *T = new TTree(...)
    ./replay: line 105: 20381 Killed analyzer 'replayLeft.C('$RUN','$NEVT','$OVWRITE')'