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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 16:09:30 on December31,2007

    Entry number 222444

    keyword=EDTM delay offsets

    In the summer 2007 the EDTM modules were refurbished to have a
    larger dynamic range. Ideally they would also have the same offset
    delay (doesn't matter what it is because it cancels), but I notice
    they do not. Here are the propogation delays out of the units

    L-arm slot 1 (S1) = 133 nsec
    L-arm slot 10 (S2) = 130 nsec
    R-arm slot 1 (S1) = 166 nsec
    R-arm slot 13 (S2) = 424 nsec !!!

    This needs to be accounted for when setting up coinc. trigger.
    And I'll try to get it fixed in the Feb down.

    I did verify that the calibration is the same for each module:
    2.2 nsec per bit.