User name Bob/Alex

Log entry time 02:37:28 on February 1,2008

Entry number 228480

keyword=L-HRS DAQ problem / solution

The L-HRS DAQ had a very high deadtime. With me on the phone,
Alex managed to trace it to the network connection for the
trigger supervisor crate TS1. I speculate that when the network
went down today, that port came back in wrong duplex mode.
I don't think I have the management tools to fix this, but it
was easy enough to drop TS1 from the readout. Consequence is
that the scalers are not in the triggered-event-stream; however,
they should still inserted as "event type 140".

But then I noticed the evtype 140 were not in run 6073, so
at 02:35 I fixed this.

The deadtime looks ok and scalers are being inserted now.