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    User name Moffit

    Log entry time 19:52:32 on February12,2008

    Entry number 228559

    keyword=BigBite Linux machines up and running

    The BigBite linux machines (in the Hall) are now up and running.
    For those of you that worked on these in the TestLab... a couple new names:
       agen4 is now bblinux1
       abite is now bblinux2
    The powerstrip to these machines is just plugged into the wall for now, since 
    the Bertha hasn't been plugged-in/grounded yet.  It will be swapped over when 
    that is done.
    The network cable to the switch was plugged into the 192 network switch in the 
    Labyrinth using the short patch cables meant for port 13 (patched to the 
    network patch panel near the beamline).  I thought it was safe to use this port 
    since it's labeled as "disabled" on that patch panel.
    If you want to know where these machines are... look for the balloon.