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    User name Moffit

    Log entry time 18:32:29 on February16,2008

    Entry number 228566

    keyword=Pi0 Work Today

    Tony finished up work on moving the Low Voltage power supplies/distribution to 
    its own rack.
    Scott drilled and tapped larger holes in the steel tracks to allow for 
    grounding of the weldment and bertha power supply.  Both were attached to those 
    points.  Bertha was connected to the 100A switch, and the weldment switches and 
    computer table power strip were plugged into the bertha.  Power on.  Great.  
    There is still some question as to how the 3 SFI crates will be plugged in.  
    Only one crate has a cable long enough to reach the bertha and there is only 
    one outlet (on the weldment) reachable by the other two crates.
    Khem staged the HV and signal cables out and around the present weldment 
    Scott and Tony finished cabling up the HV on the HV crate side.  John started 
    work on patching the extra ADC delay.
    I labeled most of the ethernet and portserver cables to the crates.  Also 
    configured the new network address for both portservers, bbts1, bbvme1, and