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    User name Moffit

    Log entry time 18:00:15 on February17,2008

    Entry number 228567

    keyword=Pi0 Work Today

    John has completed about half of the delay extension for the scintillators.
    Tony and Scott have completed connecting all of the signal and HV.
    I connected the power and network to the standalone VME rack. Relabeled some of 
    the ports in the hareboot28 webpage.  Finished configuring the network for 
    bbdcvme{1,2}, bbts2, bbspare1 (digital scope).  All that is left is the network 
    config for the SFI crates.  Most of my time was taken up trying to debug the 
    camac controller (attempting to have it run a setup script every time it is 
    I also crimped some portserver cables for the bbcamac1 and bbdcvme1.
    Reconfigured and started up the high voltage GUI.  Start it on
    agen@bblinux1 with:
        cd ~/slowc/hvg_test
        ./hvs HV_HALL_BB
    All HV is still off.