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    User name Armstrong

    Log entry time 17:56:31 on May 3,2008

    Entry number 236741

    keyword=Target: fans restarted

    Jian-Ping (aka the "SuperGuru of the Target) has returned from the access.

    He restarted the power supply for the target fan(s). The "power
    failure" light had been flashing, which indicates that there had
    been a transient problem (brief interruption to the mains?); it
    apparently operates in a fail-safe mode, so it needs to be restarted
    by hand after such a power glitch.

    The loop 1 fan is back to 29 Hz, the loop 2 fan is idleing at
    18 Hz (the slowest it will go).

    We ask for beam permit, and move to the Ta target for the next

    Meanwhile, I will be gently opening the loop 1 JT valve,
    as the HP heater is not yet on, and the cell temperature
    is somewhat high (22 K).