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    User name Armstrong

    Log entry time 22:02:52 on May 3,2008

    Entry number 236793

    This entry is a followup to: 236785

    keyword=Target: loop 2 is just fine.

    Following up on my previous entries about loop 2,
    Jian-Ping calls and reassures me - the loop 2 oscillations
    are OK. Since we are not using it at the moment,
    the JT valve is fairly closed for this loop. The cryogen flow
    is thus just about sufficient to maintain the cell set point.

    With the cell near the set point without any extra heat load, the HP
    heater will toggle on and off just to maintain the setpoint.

    When (if) we next go back to deuterium, we will need to open
    up the JT valve to get a nominal heating from the HPH, and a
    more stable PID.