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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 14:59:54 on May 8,2008

    Entry number 237843

    keyword=DAQ switchover for new experiment

    I did my usual checklist for switching over the DAQ to a new
    experiment. So, the CODA files contain e08007 in the names, they
    go to the MSS storage area for e08007, etc. Run numbers reset.
    R-HRS runs start at 21000 now.

    I also did the backups, some cleanup, and other things on my
    checklist, but I did not cleanup the work disks yet because
    B. Moffit wants to back things up first. FYI, the checklist
    is at ~adaq/doc/new_expt.doc (it's an ASCII file).

    There is a directory on ~adaq/e08007 if you want to put online
    analysis there.