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    User name eschulte

    Log entry time 17:42:51 on May 13, 2008

    Entry number 237929

    keyword=Tuesday, May 13 RC Note

    As of 17:40 today the Hall is in the following condition:

    The state of the hall is Restricted Access.

    The overhead crane controller is being replaced & necessary work to make
    the crane work is being performed. Ed Folts is supervising this work.

    The counting house has been prepared for data taking.

    Eugene has been contacted to perfrom a Moller measurement after return of
    beam, hopefully, Thursday Swing Shift.

    The target is still being worked on, but cool-down is expected to
    commence on Thursday Day Shift.

    Wednesday Shifts have been cancelled.

    Thursday Owl shift has been cancelled.

    Thursday Target Operator Only is needed.

    Regular shifts resume Thursday Swing Shift. The crews have been notified.

    All alarm handlers must be checked before beam delivery to the hall on
    Thursday Swing Shift.