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    User name Jack (Techs)

    Log entry time 21:16:55 on May 16, 2008

    Entry number 238303


    keyword=Left Q3 polarity

    Earlier it was found the gaussmeter was not changing the polarity of the readback when the magnet polarity was changed. The polarity indicator on the MEDM display was changing. Made an access after the Moller run. Swapped out the gaussmeter. Same behaviour. That would be too easy. Trying to change the magnet polarity locally, the polarity switch did not function. The polarity LED on the UNE10 did not change, it stayed negative. I could hear relays switching on the UNE10. Called Ed to help lockout the supply. Javier came down and read while I changed the switches on the polarity reversal switch. The magnet still did not change polarity. Put in an extension board to look at the UNE10. 24 volts seemed to be going off the board to the polarity reversal switch motor. Locked out the supply and replaced the two relays on the side by the motor for the polarity reversal switch. The polarity switch now functioned. The motor sounded old and tired so we set it to positive polarity and left it alone.