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    User name brads

    Log entry time 03:47:30 on May 18, 2008

    Entry number 238570

    keyword=Things that should be investigated on Sunday

    - Improve gain matching of the calorimeter blocks?

    - Get a better feel for what the BB threshold really is in MeVee units.

    - Determine what (if any) improvement can be made by turning off parts of BigBite. (The BB+HRS coin. trigger looked pretty clean at first glance -- it might be better to just keep the full acceptance.)

    - Double check the pedestals and re-enable pedestal suppression on the BB ADCs (I think it is disabled now). I didn't want to play with this tonight as everyone was getting pretty tired -- better to be fresh.

    - Make sure we know when we're going to move BB to the next angle. We'll need several people in the Hall to make sure the cables, BB, and the front-end are all moved safely.

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