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    User name Armstrong

    Log entry time 00:20:53 on May19,2008

    Entry number 238696

    keyword=Target status

    Looking over the target screens at start of shift, I notice that
    Loop 3 "Cell_aft" thermistor reads what seems to me an unlikely
    value (29.99 K), given that the cell temperature as measured
    by, e.g., Htr_aft, is 29.99 K.

    This is seen in the screen shot below, just below the yellow box where the high power heater power is indicated.

    This seems to have been the case since the start of this experiment
    (see entry 238116).

    I presume it is just a miscalibrated thermistor?

    I also test that the audio alarms on the target computer are enabled.

    FIGURE 1