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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 11:46:12 on May19,2008

    Entry number 238761

    keyword=run number anomalies e04007

    As I was looking at the data disks, I noticed four files that
    had not been deleted from e04007 (previous experiment). This
    is because the byte count does not agree with what is in the MSS.
    So I have copied them by hand to MSS with the word "SECOND" in
    the filename, e.g. e04007_4265_SECOND.dat.1. The file without
    "SECOND" is the one that was already in MSS. The experiment will
    need to sort out which one to believe, or disregard the run, etc.

    The affected runs were:

    1716, 1816, 1472, and 4265.