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    User name Jack (Techs)

    Log entry time 11:46:14 on May 21, 2008

    Entry number 239070

    This entry is a followup to: 239067

    keyword=Nitrogen line not charged

    The only cylinder that was swapped out was one of the argon cylinders. Scot did not swap out any other cylinders. When I went to look at the gas system I found the Nitrogen line was not charged. I'm not sure how this happened, we probably missed something earlier. Thus the pneumatic valves were all closed. Gas was not flowing out of the cylinders. I opened the bypass valve and charged the Nitrogen line. I then closed the bypass valve and verified the Right side Nitrogen cylinder was "online". The indication that the nitrogen line is not charged is zero psi on the low pressure side of the Nitrogen regulator. In this instance there was also zero psi on the high side gauge of the same regulator. However, the two visual pressure gauges above the pneumatic valves showed high pressure in the lines from the nitrogen cylinders. These two gauges are on the upstream side of the pneumatic valves. The gauges on the regulator are on the downstream side of the pneumatic valves. The pneumatic valves were closed. Things seemed to be running OK when I left it.