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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 22:06:42 on July 09, 2008

    Entry number 241949

    keyword=L-HRS scaler event readout problem

    Since at least summer 2006 and possibly earlier there has been the following problem with
    readout of scalers in the ROC11 TS crate on L-HRS: The attempt to readout the normalization
    scaler that was not gated by helicity was wrong; instead another scaler (address 0xab4) was
    read out. Meanwhile, the helicity-gated normalization scalers were ok, so one way to recovver
    is to add the two helicity data and multiply by 1.016 (corrects for the time between helicity

    Note, the R-HRS normalization scalers (gated or ungated by helicities) were ok. Also, the
    event-type-140 scalers, which 99% of people have paid attention too, are ok (it would have
    been noticed).

    For some reason, hardly anyone ever checks the ROC11 scalers, but it was noticed by B. Lee
    who analyzed LEDEX data, and fixed today by me. Modified ts_scaler.crl

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: camsonne@jlab.org