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    User name xqian

    Log entry time 07:53:55 on November 05, 2008

    Entry number 246838

    keyword=Unsuccesful extraction of the coincidence peak

    With 20mins run with 8uA on H2 reference cell, run 2847, we did not see any events with coincidence peak. We did not see any clear signal of the elastic electron in BigBite either.

    1. The BigBite Wire Chamber can not handle 8uA with sieve. Thus I lower the running current to 2uA in run 2849.

    2. The sieve blocked a lot of the acceptance, which will reduce the coincidence trigger acceptance significantly. I suggest that we delay the debuging of the coincidence trigger to the end, when we remove the wire chamber sieve.

    3. With the coincidence trigger, we have to enhance the luminosity to get enough events. One thing that we can do is to turn off the wire chamber, and run maxinum current, ~12 uA? The pressure of the reference cell is not maximum, neither. Or we can try 5uA without sieve to see whether we can see the tracks without sieve.

    Figure 1

    Figure 2