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    User name Yi Zhang

    Log entry time 05:35:03 on November 06, 2008

    Entry number 247100


    keyword=BB chamber HV triped

    at 05:13 Bigbite chamber HV tripped 2 times. the target is he3 target and the rate of t1 is about 9.8e4, That's our first he3 run tonight. JP suggested go with raster 4x4 mm and 2uA currents first. So at that moment the raster size was 4*4 mm. Then we reduced the raster size to 3x3 mm. Then the T1 rate became 8.5e3. So we knew we were at the threshold of hitting the wall. To be safe, we ask MCC to reduce the raster size to the minimum (3.5x3.5 in MCC unit. 4x4 in their side is 3x3 mm). T1 rate then became 8.5e3. During these steps, we kept current as 2 uA.