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    User name jpchen

    Log entry time 05:39:14 on November 06, 2008

    Entry number 247104

    keyword=Raster size for beam on pol He3

    We are starting the last item for 2 pass beam: transverse spin flip test. After moving the polarized target in beam, with BPM reading proper value of -3.1, +4.2 and 2 uA, tried raster size: 4x4, T1 rate was 89KHz and BigBite chamber tripped. reduced to 3x3, rate was ~8.4 KHz and 2x2 rate was 8.3 KHz. Decided to run with 2x2 and 2 uA. We should look into this issue and try to center beam on the pol He3 cell when we go to 5 pass (probably by using 2x2 raster and move around to find the center).

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