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    User name Jin Huang

    Log entry time 00:29:29 on November11,2008

    Entry number 248048

    This entry is a followup to: 247704

    keyword=Update of Online Analysis Scripts. Golden run -> Run # 3171. More Events to replay

    During today's long beam down time, I did an update on online replay software.

    By adding a trigger cut on raw data, the CPU time needed for LHRS replay dropped to 1/3 (150s->50s for 200k Event). So now LHRS detector replay will analysis 200k events to get better statistic.

    It will now take about 15min to finish all online replay for a single run. However, sometime the time cost will highly depends on whether the CPU/disk is busy.

    Major updates are :
    Add "first event to analysis" parameter in all replay scripts.
    Ex. replay_det_L(4183,2000,10000) will replay data from event 10000 to 12000.
    decode Cut on T1 T6 & T7 events for Bigbite detector replay
    decode Cut on T3 T5 & T8 events for LHRS detector replay
    Add bigbite track plots on online display
    Golden run -> Run # 3171
    delete Event Distribution & Helicity Plots from LHRS online display, which is now on physics replay
    Readjust replay events to
    LHRS : 200k
    Bigbite : 50k
    Phyiscs : 100k

    FIGURE 1