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    User name brads

    Log entry time 19:12:51 on November11,2008

    Entry number 248212


    keyword=Two paddles set-up downstream of BB Shower detector

    Set up two small paddles just behind the BB Shower. The paddles have a 1" steel plate sandwiched between them. Paddle 1 has the Shower stack on its upstream side and is completely shielded from the dump on its downstream side by the 1" steel plate. Paddle two is on the downstream side of the plate.

    Shower | Paddle 1 | 1" steel plate | Paddle 2

    Paddle 1: Signal(AUX 22, PP 50), HV(bottom crate, slot 10.1)

    Paddle 2: Signal(AUX 20, PP 49), HV(bottom crate, slot 10.0)