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    User name Yi Zhang

    Log entry time 04:52:29 on November12,2008

    Entry number 248340


    keyword=BPM & raster size after 5 pass beam tuning.

    After hours effort, we got the final beam position as:
    BPMA: (1.010, 1.290)
    BPMB: (-1.471, 1.010)
    Fig 1 is got on holy carbon target with raster size as (5x6) in MCC unit, which is the maximum value MCC can get(Run# 3276). We can see the hole is 1mm below the center of the spot.
    Fig 2 is the spot++ on reference cell, with the same beam position and raster size. Run# 3275
    Later we will run at 3x3 mm on reference cell, which in MCC unit is 3x4.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2