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    User name E.Chudakov

    Log entry time 20:41:01 on November 12, 2008

    Entry number 248427

    keyword=Moller results

    The MCC procedure did not set the Moller quads correctly.
    Perhaps it fails at this high energy. They were set manually.
    The dipole deflected the beam to Y=-7mm in 4B. MCC lifted it a bit.
    The results on 4 targets are consistent:
    target beam Pol, stat error
    5 -75.8+/-0.3
    4 -74.6+/-0.3
    3 -73.8+/-0.3
    2 -74.8+/-0.2
    Average -74.7+/-0.2(stat)+/-2(syst)

    This can be compared with 88.5% measured at the previous energy. The
    spin angle must be about 32 deg in order to get the cos(angle)=0.85.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: glamazdi@jlab.org, romanip@jlab.org