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    User name Lindgren

    Log entry time 16:04:10 on November15,2008

    Entry number 249007


    Saturday day shift 8:00 AM
    Richard Lindgren SL
    Xiaoyan Deng TO
    Dimitri Margaziotis 3rd

    No beam
    Hall A is in Restricted Access
    8:30 AM Lindgren and Arm enter Hall to do a sweep
    9:30 AM Changed to Control Access
    MCC reports we probably won't get beam until late afternoon
    10:00 AM Alex and Evaristo entered Hall to work on Left HRS11;25 AM Evaristo and Alex exited Hall A.
    Control Access. Hall A is personless.
    12:10 PM Cycling Left HRS Q2 and Q3 magnets
    12:15 Alex and 2 French engineers entered the Hall
    14;45 Kalyan entered Hall
    15:45 Kalyan exited Hall. Nobody in the Hall
    16:00 End of shift