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    User name Chiranjib

    Log entry time 22:28:30 on November 16, 2008

    Entry number 249275


    We turned OFF the correction coil to see the effect whether the *equilibrium* polarization increases or not. This is because we have seen some kinda "masing" effect ( NOT 100% SURE THOUGH) during the last few hours. The polarization history tells us we are more or less stable at 58/59 % of polarization during the spin flip in beam. But this number was definitely higher (~64%) before. And also you can notice it from the polarization strip chart. Its happening only in one spin state. The only difference in this case is once we came back from the controlled/restricted access last time, we turned on the correction coil ( the small coil was @ 0.18 A and the large coil is @ 0A). Once we noticed that drop in the polarization , we waited for hours to see if that would increase. But it stayed the same around ~59% . So we decided to turn the correction coil OFF at this moment and lets see if that would improve the polarization. Its worth to mention here that the UVA cells have this masing effect noticed while being tested. Any comments / suggestions on this will be helpful.

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