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    User name Sirish

    Log entry time 21:19:36 on November17,2008

    Entry number 249436

    keyword=Compton Tune

    Established beam through Compton Chicane. No beam loss trips.

    Photon Background (blue trace) rate is 35 kHz/uA with normal settings, while our goal is ~200 Hz/uA. Turning off Hall B drops the rates to 2 kHz/uA. Closing injector slits to 15.2 drops the rate further to 400 Hz/uA. This means the injector settings are not optimal and need tweaking to clean up Hall A beam.

    We will keep the beam in the Chicane with cavity off to debug the e-detector readout. The e-detector must stay in garage location until we have low background tune.

    FIGURE 1