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    Log entry time 22:58:29 on November 25, 2008

    Entry number 250768

    This entry is a followup to: 250700

    keyword=Re: Issues remains & Full Scalar consistency check added to online plots

    3. We took a copy of T3 coming from BigBite and plugged into L-HRS scaler(replacing the existing copy coming from L-HRS). In this case both HRS and BB counts are same with random rate - problem fixed!

    I worry that that is just 'problem hidden'. There are two scalers that should be counting identically but show a 1% difference. With a pulser it works correctly, with a random signal it doesn't. The fix was to switch duplicate on of the two signals, and plug the new copy into the L-HRS scaler.

    How do you know that you made a duplicate of the 'good' signal and not the 'bad' signal? (The assumption here that BigBite is correct and the LHRS was counting 1% high. How do you know that the LHRS wasn't counting accurately and the BigBite scaler wasn't dropping 1% of the counts?)

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