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    User name Chiranjib

    Log entry time 07:56:14 on November 27, 2008

    Entry number 251018


    Owl shift "LOG"

    Shift Leader:::::::Chiranjib Dutta
    Target Operator:::::::Vladimir Nelyubin
    Third:::::::Mauro Iodice

    The left over HAPPEX run from the previous shift was ended and a new run (30466) was started @ 01:45A. Then another one was started @05:45A(30467).Basically it was an another peaceful shift.

    A very Happy Thanksgiving to all

    Hours we careRun IDEvents collectedCharge gatheredPolarization of the target(+/-)Comments
    21:41---00:493963 1Mmost probably ~0.036C62/64Good.
    Mauro forgot to exit the end of run before he started the new run 3964.See halog.
    00:50---01:513964 1M0.03722C62/64Good.
    01:50---02:533965 1M0.03721C62/64Good.
    02:54---03:513966 1M0.03725C62/64Good.
    03:51---04:533967 1M0.03723C62/64Good.
    04:53---06:053968 1M0.03666C62/64Good.
    06:05---07:093969 1M0.03719C62/64Good.
    07:09---3970 1Mnot yet done62/64Good./ ongoing