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    User name Jin

    Log entry time 19:34:25 on November 29, 2008

    Entry number 251355

    keyword=Web Page for Target & Beam Real Time Status

    A web page has been built to show target and beam status. All plots are refreshed every minutes.


    URL: http://www.jlab.org/~jinhuang/TargetStatus/screenshot.html

    Plots includes:

    ·         Target Polarization : 1 hour: 1st plot blue line; 18 hour: 3rd plot blue line

    ·         Target Spin State : 1 hour: 1st plot red line; 18 hour: 3rd plot red line

    ·         Beam Current : 1 hour: 1st plot steel blue line; 18 hour: 3rd plot steel blue line

    ·         BPM : 2nd plot

    ·         Cell Temperature : 4th plot

    ·         Oven Temperature : 5th plot

    ·         Holding Field : 6th plot

    ·         Beam Charge Asymmety : last plot

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: yqiang, jpchen, jiang