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    User name Jin

    Log entry time 00:52:59 on December 04, 2008

    Entry number 251948


    keyword=Target Field Reading in start/end run script is wrong

    There are 3 EPICS variable recording target holding field current. However on the starter run HaLog, Vertical Coil Current (DDM45_2disp1_read) is exactly same as small coil (DDM45_3disp1_read).

    DDM45_2disp1_read is correct on IOC, and it should be different from DDM45_3disp1_read. Therefore, I believe the start run script is grabing wrong EPICS value.

    We should also make sure the value we put into EPICS logger into raw data stream is correct.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: chiranjib, yqiang