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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 22:47:05 on December 04, 2008

    Entry number 252054


    keyword=re: negative deadtime

    The reason you may get "negative" deadtime is either L1A is overcounting or one or more
    triggers is undercounting in scalers.

    It looks like L1A is ok. E.g. the runcontrol GUI reports 1M events for a run and it agrees with
    end-of-run L1A in scalers. Good.

    The experiment thinks the problem is due to T3 but it's hard to tell from home (where I
    am now). One needs to look at the redundant readings to see if there are inconsistencies
    (e.g. bbite vs L-HRS). I think bbite scaler is inconsistent but in a way that doesn't explain.

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