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    User name R. Subedi

    Log entry time 09:33:53 on December19,2008

    Entry number 254013

    keyword=PVDIS cosmic rates (magnets kept off)

    The right HRS magnets have been kept off (momentum setting 0) since yesterday day. When the beam was off, we see cosmic rate (typically 6 Hz) as seen in the little graph in the runcontrol GUI (red trace). Sudden jump in the graph indicates beam arrival. Though the magnets were off, we see the beam effect.

    In the presence of beam we see about 500 Hz rate, see figure 2, again the red trace in the runcontrol GUI.

    All prescale factors were set to be 9999 except T8 (prescale factor for T8 was 1). T8 is S1 & S2 (regular T1). The beam was 12 uA.

    FIGURE 1

    FIGURE 2