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    User name Jin/Yi

    Log entry time 12:42:29 on March 02, 2009

    Entry number 264188


    keyword=Target Masing Effect Test

    It's observed that the target is masing free if we do 2 continouse NMR
    frequency sweep (consist of double spin flip, one flip spin from down
    to up, the next one from up to down,see fig 1). However, there are
    seviouse masing effect during single spin flip (halog 263346).

    During single flip, laser spin is flipped at the same time of he3 spin,
    while frequency sweep keep laser unchanged. Therefore, we tested single
    spin flip with laser fliping before He3 to simulate the frequency sweep
    case. However, although we tried to 10s and 1min time interval between
    laser and he3 flip, both cases suffer polarization loss from masing

    Besides, we have now a more complete massing threshold scan on small
    correction coil:
    0.0A -> massing thr = 54%
    0.5A -> massing thr = 44%
    0.8A -> massing thr = 52%
    0.9A -> massing thr = 55%
    1.0A -> massing thr > 58%

    Now target is being pumped up from 51%

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: jpchen

    There is no masing effect for 2 continous spin flip

    Last NMR sweep