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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 17:10:29 on July 3,2009

    Entry number 282053

    keyword=HRS DAQ status

    Problem A: We have only 1 RS485 cables between HRS. Used to have
    2 or more. Jack will repair.

    DAQ configs:

    1. TWOARM -- all crates (L & R-HRS). Intended for HAPPEX/PVDIS and
    was tested with 1 working RS485, but won't work for awhile because
    we need to use that cable for HAPPEX DAQ.

    2. RightHrs -- crates on R-HRS. Functioning. Must run on adaql2
    as a-onl account, as usual.

    3. LeftHrs -- crates on L-HRS. Functioning but don't use it because
    I need to do FADC development there. Works on adaql1 as a-onl,
    prescale file is different (prescaleL.dat)
    Run numbers exceed 24000.
    This is probably temporary, assuming Jack fixes the cable.