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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 18:26:25 on August 16, 2009

    Entry number 284612


    keyword=HAPPEx DAQ status : busted

    Everything was working on the HAPPEX DAQ until I started to add the PVDIS crates.
    Then in the process of debugging things I became extremely sick and had to go home.

    I had to remove the terminator resistors from PVDIS-R crate and will need to put them on
    PVDIS-L. I also found PVDIS-R was hardware ROC0, should be ROC3. Not sure how that
    happened. At the moment the L-HRS TIR is not responding, probably because I swapped it
    out due to one of its output pins being broken. The new one probably has a wrong address
    or HW-Roc# or something (well, I tried to get it right). At the moment I think that's the
    only crate that doesn't respond to the TS, so we may be close. I will fix it as soon as I am
    well enough to climb up there. Others are qualified to fix it too.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: paschke,mercado,silwal,dalton,xiaochao,moffit,rom