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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 09:40:16 on August 17, 2009

    Entry number 284625

    keyword=HAPPEX DAQ restored

    The HAPPEX DAQ is working again. But there is still work to do (see below).

    I added the two PVDIS crates. Their data appear but look strange to me.
    Someone should check it. (Of course, it doesn't matter to HAPPEX.)

    Problems solved:
    1. Wrong hardware ROC# on R-HRS PVDIS crate.
    2. cpu on L-HRS DAQ was not properly seated.
    3. Need terminator resisters at end of chain and nowhere else.

    Things to do:
    1. Restore synch checks to Injector.
    2. Fix the occassional "SYNC" warnings from rcServer
    (Our present theory is that these are cause by sync events from
    the TS which then are not seen by ROC31. If this is correct they dont
    really matter but we need to finish this off.)
    3. Add injector to GreenMonster
    4. Other ...

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: paschke,mercado,moffit,xiaochao,dalton,silwal,rom