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    User name R. Michaels

    Log entry time 10:24:30 on August 18, 2009

    Entry number 284779

    keyword=SYNC errors in rcServer resolved

    The problem was that sometimes (but not always) when we ran with the
    Injector crate, the rcServer would report SYNC errors. They don't
    happen every event and in fact the event interval is somewhat random.

    This was understood by Dave Abbott. Ostensibly a SYNC bit is set by
    ROC24 (HAPPEX Injector crate) and not by any other crate (also not by
    the Qweak crate). This is absurd because we are not running with sync
    events -- a situation needed when running the Trig. Super. with random
    triggers in so-called buffered mode. This bit is spurious. Dave fixed
    it by creating a secondary readout list for this crate (and used by
    this crate only) that masks out the spurious bit.

    As for why this happens, it is speculated that the handshake cable from
    Qweak is causing cross-talk. It may have started happening when I moved
    from the 3rd input to the 7th. I'd prefer not to move it again.

    Scope checks have looked ok, and Luis's synch monitor is looking good
    for this crate.

    A copy of this log entry has been emailed to: pking,mercado,paschke