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    User name paschke

    Log entry time 00:18:34 on August19,2009

    Entry number 284935


    keyword=analysis errors fixed, pedestal run started

    Errors on analysis ("failed filling branch") seen earlier in the evening were 
    from the ROOTfiles directory in the pan directory filling to 20 Gb.  I deleted 
    all files in the directory to fix the problem.
    All individual work should be done in separate directories.  When the run 
    starts, the gopan directory will be strictly for shift workers and prompt data.
    We also need to redirect this rootfiles directory to a reasonably sized disk.
    Run 11428 was a pedestal run as hapnoI, but was short because I realized that 
    the HAPPEX configuration should work again.
    Run 11431 is a pedestal run, which may go overnight.