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    User name Bob/Kai

    Log entry time 16:15:31 on August20,2009

    Entry number 285047

    This entry is a followup to: 285013

    keyword=FADC on R-HRS, but disabled.

    Kai put the FADC into the VME slot on the SFI on ROC2 on R-HRS.
    The DAQ runs fine with use_sis3320=0 but I've realized that the
    memory on this board is only 32 Mbyte -- same problem we had on
    L-HRS. So I need to find / hunt a cpu board with more memory and
    install it later.

    Update on R-HRS.
    Kai will try reading one channel and restore use_sis3320=0 later...

    Actually, we'll leave the L-HRS FADC disabled for now, as well.
    It works, but causes 3 msec deadtime, which is something we don't
    want during optics and such.