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    User name R Michaels

    Log entry time 17:36:32 on August 20, 2009

    Entry number 285062

    keyword=HAPPEx DAQ status

    Luis did most of this

    The 2 HRS are now outfitted with 18-bit ADCs with the proper dynamic ranges.
    There are essentially 3 modes: A voltage mode (V-mode) and two current modes (I-mode),
    one I-mode for Lumi and one I-mode for HAPPEX-detector.

    The range of I-mode is set by on-board resistors, R159 mainly.

    At present all ADCs are working (last I heard !). They also have had their switches resoldered
    or checked, and the firmware updated to allow checking the chips (transeivers).

    Ed J. and Jeff W. are working on building up our repository of spares. Several were repaired
    (new chips, resoldered switches). We should be 3+ deep in each of the 3 modes by sometime
    tomorrow, I think.

    The counting room is outfitted with old 16-bit ADCs. Good enough for now.

    Keeping the fingers crossed.

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