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    User name D. Parno

    Log entry time 21:36:39 on August20,2009

    Entry number 285073

    keyword=FADC Compton wiring: VtoF signals

    In the Hall today, we added three VtoF signals to the FADC Compton DAQ.

    The VtoF cards provide signal to the original Compton DAQ, but have spare LEMO outputs. We took three signals from the third VtoF card (rightmost in the crate) and added them to our IP scaler.

    Output #2 is now in scaler channel 5. We are still working to determine where this channel comes from.

    Output #6 is now in scaler channel 6. This channel is, we believe, the quad sum position monitor at the cavity entrance.

    Output #7 is now in scaler channel 7. This appears to be a real-time power measurement (for the laser cavity), probably from the transmission photodiode.