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    User name dalton

    Log entry time 22:37:38 on August 20, 2009

    Entry number 285078

    keyword=BCMs added to CH parity DAQ

    The cables labeled BCM1, BCM2 and BCM3 were plugged into the CH parity
    DAQ as follows:

    BCM1 -> ADC 15 Ch 2 (Ch. 3 on face)
    BCM2 -> ADC 22 Ch 1 (Ch. 2 on face)
    BCM3 -> ADC 23 Ch 2 (Ch. 3 on face)

    and BATT1 was moved to

    BATT1 -> ADC 2 Ch 2 (Ch. 3 on face)

    The datamap was updated to reflect these changes.

    The BCM cables were followed back to the "black box" and are connected as

    BCM1 -> Upstream BCM analog output
    BCM2 -> Downstream BCM analog output
    BCM3 -> Downstream BCM analog output 3x