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    User name xqian

    Log entry time 07:56:08 on August21,2009

    Entry number 285092

    keyword=Owl Shift Summary

    2:30 am, MCC called, the CW beam will be delivered soon.
    3:00 am asked MCC to do a HARP scan
    3:15 am MCC called (finish the HARP scan on H03A and H03B)
    3:20 am We found the harp scan date does not match with the current time. We called MCC for a new HARP scan on H03A and H03B.
    3:25 am MCC called, the harp analysis still shows the old results. We called the RC and decide to wait till morning.

    3:45 am We asked MCC to do harp scan for C07A and C07B. We do not see any peaks there. So we will wait till morning.

    4:30 MCC called. They will send tune beam. We stop the current run 11503.

    6:00 beam will be back shortly start a new run